How to Play Three Cards Rummy

How to Play Three Cards Rummy

This post was written by Aaron ulate on May 15, 2018

Three Cards Rummy is a perfect combination of the once popular game called Gin Rummy and Tree Cards Poker. The game uses a standard 52-card pack with the aces being a substitute for one and face cards being worth 10 each. The main goal of the game is to have fewer points than the dealer. Three Cards Rummy is rather easy to grasp and it is very relaxing game as not much thinking needs to be done – it is mainly for the players who are looking for casual play!

How to Play Three Card Rummy

Betting in Three Cards Rummy

Betting in this game begins before the cards are dealt. The player must use chips and place the ante bet. If you are playing the online version, just click on the chips that you want to bet. There is another round of betting that happens after the player gets their cards. The second bet is not obligatory and it is up to you to decide whether to place the second bet as well.

Dealing in Three Cards Rummy

As soon as the bets are placed, the dealer deals three cards to the player and the three cards remain face-down on the table. In this game, basically, the player plays against the dealer and the face-down cards are actually dealer’s hand.

Three Cards Rummy Main Game

When the player receives the three cards face-up, they need to count their value and place their bets accordingly. The goal is to have fewer points than the dealer and as soon as you see your initial score, you can decide whether to raise bets or fold. The score is calculated by simply adding the value of the cards. If you have, say a 3, a 5 and a Jack, your total score is 18. However, the total score can be reduced, and that is usually when you have a pair or three-of-a-kind. For example, if you have two jacks and a 3, you will have a total score of 3 since the two jacks have a value of 0. If you manage to have three-of-a-kind, their total value would be 0. The same applies to the cards of the same suit in consecutive order. For example, if you have 4 and 5 of hearts and an Ace, you will have a total sum of 1 point. If you happen to have, say, 3,4 and 5 of hearts, the total number of your points will be equal to 0.

Three Cards Rummy Strategy

The strategy in this game is pretty simple – try to get the best result. If you have more than 20 points altogether, the best strategy would be to fold as the dealer needs to have less than 20 points in order to be able to participate at all. If you have a very good hand, it is only logical to place the second bet as well and hope for the best. Other than that, there are no particular in-depth strategies that you should follow.