How to Play Ride'm Poker

How to Play Ride’m Poker

This post was written by Aaron ulate on May 15, 2018

If you like the traditional poker game, you are likely to also like Ride’m Poker as it is basically a variant to the original poker with certain extra things added to it. The basis is the same and you can play up to three hands in order to maximize the potential of winning.

How to Play Ride’m Poker

Betting in Ride’m Poker

It is important to know how to place bets before you start to play this type of Poker. It is played with a 52-card deck and you get to choose how much you want to bet before you the dealing begins. If you play this game online, you can just select the appropriate chips (chips are usually used for Ride’m Poker) and set your bet. However, your bet is placed as three separate bets. This means that if you choose to place a chip worth 5, you will automatically place three such chips.

Dealing in Ride’m Poker

In the beginning, you are given three cards which you can see and there are two cards which are placed face-down and which are basically community cards.

Playing in Ride’m Poker

Once you take a look at the three cards that you are given, you are provided with two options – either to pass or to ride. Passing means that you will take one of your three bets back while the ride option means that you will “ride on” with all three bets still being placed. When you choose your option, one card from the table is turned face-up and now you get to choose once again whether you want to pass or to ride. This time, the second card is turned upside and it is decided whether you won or not. This is when the traditional poker rules come in – if you managed to create one of the winning card combinations that exist in poker, you are up for the win. If you do not have any valuable combinations, you lose your bet (if you chose “ride” option both times, you will lose all three bets, while “pass” would’ve helped you lose just one bet).

Objective of Ride’m Poker

If you played traditional poker, you are very likely to be familiar with the objectives. As you know, you do not actually play here against the dealer, but rather against yourself. This means that your only objective in the game is to create a winning hand – everything else will mean that you lost.

Strategy in Ride’m Poker

In this Poker, you do not actually have an option to hold, and you must play all three hands – you only get to choose how much you lost. The strategy is quite simple here – if you are not doing great with the initial three cards, it is always wise to pass rather than to ride. Since this game is easy and slow-paced it is always a good idea to play it with smaller amounts. Its design and the rules are simply not made for the high-rollers but for the people who enjoy occasionally playing poker.