How to Play Draw High Low

How to Play Draw High Low

This post was written by Aaron ulate on May 15, 2018

Draw High Low or also known as Draw Hi-Lo (or simply Hilo) is a card game that is mainly targeted to the beginner players who are getting started with card games. However, this does not mean that the experienced gamblers cannot enjoy it from time to time – in fact, it can be pretty interesting. There are many types of gambling games like these – you get to choose one of the two possibilities, and if you’re right – you win the money!

How to Play Draw High Low

The Rules of Draw High Low

The only thing that the player is required to do in this game is to choose whether the card is higher or lower than the card that is already uncovered. If you guess right, you win according to the paytable. If you guess wrong, you lose.

The Betting in Draw High Low

The player places bets before the first card is drawn. The bets are placed in chips and they must be anywhere between the minimum and the maximum limits that the casino allows.

Draw High Low Dealing Process

When the first card is drawn, you are being offered whether to go with “higher” or with “lower”. The highest card is Kind and the Ace stands for the lowest. You are immediately giver with odds for your choices. For example, if the drawn card is a 3, your odds for choosing the “higher” option will be much lower as it is more likely for the next card to be higher than a 3. However, the game does not end there, and you can continue adding up your odds and come up with a really nice sum if you are lucky. Let’s say that the next drawn card is a 5. If you opted for a “higher” option on a 3, you won and now you are given with different odds for your “lower” or “higher” options since 5 has become your base card. Now, the odds for “higher” will be a bit bigger and the option for the “lower” a bit smaller. The dealing process ends in two ways – you either miss and lose all or you decide to cash out your winnings. Make sure not to get carried away as the game is pretty fast-paced and there is actually no room for slow thinking – you either got to follow your intuition or deduction logic.

Strategy for Playing Draw High Low

Being a simple 2-choice card game, there is no particular strategy that you should focus on when playing. All you have to do is to wisely place your bets and manage your money. It is important to always know when to stop and exit the game as a winner. Should you decide, however, to try card counting, you could always minimize the risk but it still does not provide you with enough info so that you can actually cheat the system. In other words, try to play this game with intuition and without getting hyped when you manage to get several wins in a row.